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From a communication standpoint, I have been fortunate to work in a lead position in almost every corner of healthcare, from the MOHLTC to the OHA, Humber River Regional Hospital to advocacy work for family doctors (SGFP of the OMA). I know the healthcare landscape in Ontario from a political, practical, patients’ and patrons’ point of view. The breadth of my experience demonstrates how I am able to work to strategies with clearly defined goals.

Ontario’s healthcare system is complex. In fact, Ontario is one of the largest single-payer healthcare system in North America. With that comes a diverse set of stakeholders and a variety of audiences each with their individual wants/needs.

While the government (understandably) worries about the percentage of tax dollars healthcare consumes, the general population often refers to our healthcare as ‘free’. It is anything but. And contributions from donors is a pillar for every hospital. It is appropriate that we refer to donation divisions of our hospitals as Foundations. They are, indeed.

I welcome the opportunity to work with BGH Foundation to help in its efforts to not just maintain, but grow the donor base to achieve a sustainable source of needed financial resources.

The following is a brief review of some of the work I have done across the sector, contributions I have made and successes I have, with colleagues, achieved.





Flu Shot Program



Brand/re-positioning of OHA’s annual convention

Telehealth Ontario



Real People campaign