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computer-searches-1172404_960_720I don’t know who will read this because I do not have a Google-friendly headline. However, anyone using the internet as a source of information should read this.

Writing is a pain. It is time-consuming and often thankless. But for content-driven enterprises the need for writing is at the core of their business model. What is a time-challenged, content-driven enterprise to do?

Content providers. They are out there and there are many of them. They have articles you purchase…tinker with if you wish…and post as your own. Some even re-sell the articles. Some re-sell the blather.

Think about it. If you have the potential to reach hundreds of millions of people, you don’t need a high rate of engagement to make a respectable rate of return.

The internet is not about information. The internet is about numbers.

I did a search for content providers and found what are supposedly respectable companies.

One university professor I had taught us the art and science of deconstruction while we were studying art and criticism. It’s a useful tool. Take every phrase, each choice of words and every sentence to get at the core of their meaning.

This practice is a great way to sort through bullshit and get to the essence of what is being communicated.

So I downloaded a free sample from a reputable content provider and I received the following: (article in italics with bold italics where I have added observations/comments.)

Communication and Changing Your Mindset

Older theories about intelligence dictate to us that we are born a certain way. What exactly are these ‘older theories? And how can a theory ‘dictate’? By definition, can a theory not merely suggest? And exactly what does it mean that we are ‘born a certain way’?  We have certain traits that others do not possess, others have certain traits that we do not possess, and that is that. It is unlikely we have traits others do not posses. The number of ‘traits’ in the human condition is finite. And by saying ‘that is that’ does the author suggest that there is no counter argument to their statement that no one else possesses the traits we have? There is no room for growth or expansion. If there is no room for growth or expansion, exactly how did  the human species, among other things, put a man on the moon? Our intelligence is as it always was and there is no room for improvement. Perhaps this is true of the author.

However, today, we know better. I knew better before the preceding paragraph. We know that we have the ability to change our mindset and, therefore, improve our capacity for learning in leaps and bounds. Does changing our mindset improve our capacity to learn? And exactly what is the measure of a leap and the measure of a bound? No longer is the status quo necessary. Speaking of quantum physics, exactly how did we get from the preceding sentence to the status quo? We can grow and strive to achieve more academically and, therefore, in life. There are many people on this planet who could attest to the fact that achieving more academically does not guarantee an achievement in life. And how is an achievement in life measured?

Choose Your Words Carefully (The author of this article did not follow their own advice)

Each one of us go through our days speaking our mind, saying things without giving it much thought and sometimes even holding things in and not speaking up for ourselves only to berate ourselves later on for doing so. Huh? We speak our minds and we do not? If you take a moment to recognize and record the words you use daily, you may come to realize that the words you choose might directly relate to the mindset you have. Quantum physics at work again.

What is a Mindset?

A mindset is the mental attitude you adopt which dictates how you will or will not perceive, react and respond to situations. Why is it important? Your mindset can and will determine your life from academics to career and beyond. If a mindset is your attitude this sentence could read, “Your attitude can and will determine your life from academics to career and beyond.” Besides ringing untrue, exactly where is this ‘beyond’? Is this life after death? 

Why is it Important to Communicate Effectively?

The way you interpret your situation communicates to your brain. Huh? Gosh. I thought it was our brain that interpreted situations. Glad I got that one sorted out. When it comes to intelligence, you may have a long-standing belief that you are either one way or another. Either intelligent or unintelligent? Without getting too philosophical, wouldn’t one have to be somewhat intelligent to realize they weren’t? I’ve never met a dumb person who knew they were dumb.  For example, you may feel that you are average and are not questioning that old, limiting, and long-standing belief. It is important to communicate effectively by choosing the thoughts that will change the outcome. What? Here, I give up. You get the point, I hope. I encourage you to challenge each sentence that follows.

For example, there have been many firsts in your life. How is this related to choosing thoughts? You had to allow your first child get on the bus to go to kindergarten without you there. The next child it was a little easier and by the third child, if you had one, this task was not as big of a deal as the first time you had to face it.

By communicating to yourself that you can and will get through the many things that life sends your way, you are able to meet and face more and more challenges along the way. More importantly, you get to do it with ease and grace; as long as you communicate to yourself that, you can and are able to do so.

Communication is so much more than the words you speak to yourself; it is also the thoughts you think. When you challenge yourself and achieve, you reset the communication bar. You allow yourself to see that not only can you achieve more by learning new things and taking on more challenges, but you also get to see that you can take on a growth mindset instead of a limiting one.

End of ‘free content’.

And there you have it. Content you can tweak and post as your own. With little effort, you should be able to do one a day, adding to the unmeasurable, ever-expanding pixel pile of internet pollution. Or you can hire a writer.

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