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by William Lower and Peter Hickey

B2B_Lead_Generation_2016Apparently, getting new business leads is easy. Google the topic and you will find 140,000,000 articles in less time than to took to read this sentence. I guess with this article there will be 140,000,001 responses.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Lead generation is challenging and only becomes more challenging if you set your sites on quality leads.

There are companies that specialize in lead generation. Ka-ching. There is a multitude of software products engineered to help you in your search for leads with a host of up-sell services to help you better/faster/smarter find those leads.

And then there is you.

Some of the tools you can implement yourself are things such as writing an informative eBook. You have the time for that, right? You can write a newsletter, a blog, produce a video, get more involved with Twitter, host a Webinar, get out and do some old-fashioned but effective networking, create a commercial and put it on YouTube, produce an infographic, get some media attention (formerly known as PR) and on and on we can go.

These are nothing more than examples of information distribution.

But before you begin to splash into information distribution, before you layout that newsletter, create that eBook, tweet or re-tweet that message you need to do something that is neither sexy nor easy.  You need a strategy and it’s a fool’s errand to start marketing or acting without one.

At the end of the day, lead generation is fundamentally simple: make sure you are saying/offering the right product/service to the right person/company and use the appropriate distribution channels to reach them. Digital information channels have not changed a core and necessary ingredient found in traditional media channels: Relevance.

But don’t take our word for it. Read the 140,000,000 articles out there promising to help in your quest for lead generation.

Then we should talk.

rabbit hole“The possibilities are endless.” Such are some company claims who provide online marketing ‘tools”. And if you have endless time to devote to harnessing these tools, you might get somewhere. Maybe. Depends on whose tools you buy into.

There is a formula for promoting online expertise. The usual one consists of posting articles with headlines such as “Five things you need to know to INSERT TOPIC HERE.” “The three best tools to help you INSERT FUNCTION HERE.”

You get the idea.

Don’t get me wrong. There are many companies out there providing relevant tools and expertise for those engaged in online marketing. I know. I use some. Not just for myself but for my clients as well.

Therein lies the challenge. Any marketer, including small businesses, can scour the internet looking to tap resources they don’t have and learn marketing tips from the experts.

Anyone can do it. You do not need a marketing agency, you may not even need a marketing or sales director. If you have the time to pursue and evaluate the resources available to you, you can save considerable money. That is, assuming that your time IS NOT money. That assumes your business runs so smoothly, you can put it on auto pilot while you wrestle the online marketing gorilla to the floor.

Many companies do not have that luxury. Their CEOs or Presidents have larger issues to attend to.  Such as growing their business.

The power of internet marketing gives you the ability to target right down to people who wear brown shoes versus those who wear black; to which way a person’s house faces, be it north, south,east or west and whether they are more or less prone to purchase online or off.

But the real power of the internet is captured when a company’s business goals and objectives are clearly defined and milestones for achievements are clearly marked on the internet road to success.

Almost every B2B business wants to generate leads. To do that, you need to capture emails. We can measure that. To legally get those emails you need to get the visitor to your site to opt in. We can easily measure that, too. Oops. Forgot. First we have to get people to the site in the first place. We can measure that, too. We can measure where they came from, where they went, how long they stayed on your site, whether they set sail to other sites after just visiting your landing page.

We can measure what people search for and if that search relates to our business, we can plant our ads when they visit other sites. There is so much we can measure. The rabbit hole of digital measurement has almost endless burrows.  The one with a dead end sign is the one labelled “Why?”

‘Why’ is one of the most potent questions in any strategic exercise including choosing online tools to help marketing efforts

I love online marketing because of its precision, predictability and accountability. I am an ad guy. I get my kicks from helping clients gain market share, grow awareness or change behaviour. And I love what online communications can do to help me do my job. That’s why most of my work now is online. What I don’t like is seeing intelligent management being lured through the digital looking glass and down the rabbit hole. 

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