Google_bounceThey are a small client, one served as much for love as anything else. This little company in Gananoque, Ontario has a seasonal business renting houseboats on the 1000 Islands. I have been a yearly customer since 1994 and a couple of years ago took them on as a client. They had virtually no online presence save for a very dated, circa 1998 website. Our thinking was to do whatever we could to make them ‘experts’ on the 1000 Island experience and drive a content-based website.

With virtually no budget, we have a respectable showing on Facebook, have targeted cottage-seekers through AirBnB (so AirBnB revenue is new revenue), have successfully competed with giants (Gananoque Boat Lines) on Trip Advisor and have a few thousand YouTube views on how to dock a houseboat. And then we have our traffic numbers from Google. 

That’s where we are seeing the some interesting numbers. While I don’t want to give everything away (I have to save something for new business pitches), one intriguing number is their bounce rate. As of this writing, it is 13.49%.  

There are many points of view about bounce rates, with some breaking out measures by industry or sector and others taking a more aggregate view of random website samples. In the later, one US company in the business of helping clients with online marketing stated that most websites range between 26% and 70%. Obviously the 26 number is seen as an excellent score. Those who measured by industry, claim that simple landing pages have a 70-90% bounce rate while portals such as MSN, Yahoo groups, etc. will enjoy a 10-30% bounce rate. Both make sense. 

Bounce rate is a way of indicating how engaged your audience is. And just like in advertising, if you say the right thing to the right people at the right time you will probably enjoy success.

My client’s sales are up dramatically and they told me last year was their best year ever since they opened their doors in 1972. I’d like to take some credit for that.

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