Wow! You guys are great!

Customer reviews are becoming more and more important in the online retail sector. On some sites, such as AirBnB and TripAdvisor, they push to get you do these reviews.

I use online resources and like most people, I do look at reviews and comments. However, I am becoming skeptical and I am learning things to be wary of and I thought it only appropriate to share this. (Please feel free to leave gushing, positive comments below.)

The first thing to raise alarms is use of the word “wow”. I can’t remember that last time I heard a human being use the word, useless it was used with no further comment. Wow. End of story. But, “Wow! You guys really nailed it.” is suspect. Even Mickey Rooney would have had a hard time delivering those words and if you don’t know who Mickey Rooney was, consider yourself blessed.

Below are the comments from but one site; a site where I have purchased digital goods and will do my best to not do so again. The site is based in England.

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Oh man! I wish I could give you a hug.:>)


Wow guys, you really working hard and I’m sure we all appreciate your work! I’m looking forward to The PRODUCT NAME Library, so please hurry up 🙂

Keep on (sic) the good work!

Looks great! Can’t wait!

Sounds awesome, thanks for consistently making this theme even better!

Wahoo! Any idea on a release date? Thanks!

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“The first step on this exciting path is to re-imagine the PRODUCT NAME Builder to be more flexible than ever before. ”

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I’m impressed. Now Git ‘R Done!

NAME OF COMPANY OWNER, you are making life just miserable for your competitors! ?

And on and on it goes. Fantom gushing sycophants propagating pier and customer reviews. I trust far more bad or critical reviews that are answered by the host company because I am far more interested in how companies react when things go wrong, than I am with a faux customer-client love-in.

But consumer reviews rule. And viewed with a critical lookout for suspect comments, they can be extremely helpful. As for sites such as Trip Advisor, Uber and AirBnb, their business model is reliant (in part) upon a fundamental truism of the human condition: everyone wants to give you their opinion.

If you run a business, even a small local one, encouraging customers to give reviews is tapping into the best kind of advertising: word-of-mouth. And the great thing about this powerful advertising tactic? It’s free. But don’t be tempted to write you own reviews. They’re easy to spot.

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