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We have many impressive case case studies for significant brands including Labatt, Midas, NATO, Frito-Lay and more. But what is relevant here is how we bring big brand expertise and apply it to SMEs. The following are those examples:

Houseboat Holidays

Their best year ever



The problem

Any time you tell someone about renting a houseboat in the Thousand Islands, the response is usually some variation of “What a great idea!”

The problem is, it isn’t a great idea they would have thought of on their own. How do you get inside someone’s head when they are not aware of you or your product offering? Simple. You find another way in.

Houseboat Holidays usually sells out in the key weeks of summer (mid July to mid August) but on the fringes of those dates, some of their 22 boats stay at the dock. A couple of weeks in July have gotten ‘soft” and in the shoulder seasons, May-June, September-October, still more boats remain like perishable fruit, languishing at the dock, unoccupied.

The solution

The foundation was to build an SEO-friendly resource-based website on the thousand islands. To complement this a Facebook page was added as well as an Instagram and Trip Advisor account (no easy feat given that companies like Houseboat Holidays fall through the cracks of TA’s policies). An interesting idea was putting them on AirBnB where people go to search for cottages. This was truly reaching people who had not thought of houseboats but were open to the idea.

The results

Sales up over 20%

HH is up over 20% vs YA and much of that is attributed to capturing not people already looking for houseboats, but people looking for adventures and accommodations in the Thousand Islands.  A good indicator of success was our astonishingly low bounce rate of 13.49%. Industry norms call 24% ‘excellent’. How do we know if what we did worked? The client said that not only were their sales up, they informed us that 2015 was the best year they have had since they opened their doors in 1972.


Houseboat Holiday bounce rate

Coming soon

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