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About us

Serving Southeastern Ontario, we are a full-service digital agency providing clients with a comprehensive digital platform designed to increase sales, get leads or shape opinions.

Our services: Planning Social Media Web Development Writing Analysis

This is what we do

Within the world of digital marketing, social media is a very robust subset. The more accurate we are on our target audience(s), the greater the likelihood for success.

We take a granular approach to understanding your audience(s)

The more we know about our audience(s) the easier it is to be relevant to them.

We identify opinion leaders/shapers on each social media platform

On any given platform, there will be leaders on any given topic. We identify them and communicate with them to open up a channel.

Train Staff on how to use use differing social channels

Every employee can be an ambassador for your business. Providing them with key messaging and empowering them to use it only strengthens your digital presence.

A/B test messaging

Testing used to be expensive. Now it is expensive not to.

Maintain frequency of messaging

There is an art to knowing how often is too much and how infrequent is too infrequent. That greatly depends on your product or service but should always be used in the case of a PR crisis.

Ensure top ROI on Investments

Establishing KPIs helps measure your ROI. After all, this is a business, not an arts program.

Powered by passion. Driven by results.

We love what we do. And we love making our clients’ competitors’ lives completely and utterly miserable.

How we help

We start with a focussed and comprehensive strategy to identify the right digital tools to meet your business objectives. And we eliminate the ones that are a waste of your money.


Focused, contemporary, responsive and SEO friendly websites. Email marketing campaigns. Adwords campaigns. Facebook campaigns. Social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc).


Our goal is to provide an ROI in 4 -8 months.